Cyber bullying
According to statistics, 33.3% or more teenagers are being bullying over the websites especially the people who uses instant messaging or hi5 and any other online networking sites. The person who causes this is often schoolmates, or normal bullies even your friends. It has many effects on the victims. It causes them embarrassment and some feel ridiculed and isolated from others.
These people put on offensive things up on the websites like “slut” “bicth” “fat” “ugly”. Things like that can be put on the networking sites and it can by everyone. This will let other kids think that this person is bad and mean etc. Theses rumors has a big impact on the victim because things like this can make them have no friends or even commit suicide but it doesn’t happen a lot. Also the article also says that sometimes those girls are being affected by this problem more than the boys. As the technology gets better it makes it harder to stop, because everyday people try to solve the problem. i.e. (blocking the site or closing the server).
In this article tells us how the students toll relate others student by writing some bad things about people over the online database. The way that these people do these things are manly taught in class or the parents. Then the students learn it and take it and use the information in a bad way. They go online and tease people. The online sites now days allow anybody to go on and post anything that they want. Girls are also more likely to be subjected to online bullying -- 38.3 percent are bullied against 34.4 percent for boys -- but 27.3 percent of them don't hesitate to answer back, according to the University of Wisconsin study.

Many people are being bully over the internet. These online like network like hi5, facebook, tag etc. They have been many people who have been bullied from bullies who bully people over these online networks. Like in facebook theirs is many groups that is races. Many Islam’s are being discriminated and people are being convince by these group that all Islam people are bad and are bombers. Due to these reason their have been many agreements to close down the site.
The impacts
Many people disagree the reason is because not everyone thinks like that. The people who are races and join these groups should be ban from the network and close their accounts. This way not everyone will be ban and it will be better for everyone, just because of a small group of people get in trouble doesn’t mean we all should. this is link to a group that was made up to save facebook. this link to a races group that hates and tease Islam people. This is the kid of problem
Also it’s really safe you don’t have to be afraid of terrorist the reason is because on facebook you have to be able to be their friend in order to view their accounts. So no information can be seen by others. Also people have privacy setting that block or not allow people to look at all. (This included the people who you also accepted to be your friend) So you could block anyone you want.
As for hi5 it’s isn’t as safe as facebook. The reason being is because, people can go in and view anyone account and know a lot about you, because normally people but a lot of their information on

Cyber-bullying wasn't the only factor but those who were close to the situation maintained that it was a primary contribution to the kid's depression and ultimate suicide
To be frank the social networking phenomenon has grown so quickly that it's very hard to have a good baseline of what's happening