The Big Idea – Super Tuesday – Super Meltdown

How important are communication technologies in the election campaign?

  1. What technologies are candidates using to target their audience/voters?
  2. Can technology influence the voter? What type of voter may be effected?
  3. How has the use of technology changed the way a campaign is run?


You and your team are technology experts in internet communication tools! You have been asked for advice by the campaign manager of the presidential candidate. You need to present a report which discusses and recommends the latest strategies based on computer technologies that will attract the more votes from all ages and states. The report should cover the TOP TEN must-have technologies that would best do the job and why. You also need to identify and discuss any issues that may arise!

Click here for the reports:

Marking Rubric

Presentation (5 marks): This must be a wikipage linked from this page (see where to link from above) and should include headings and a table of contents. Images must be inserted (although they must be cropped and optimised, for example, a size of around 140 x 140 and jpeg or gif format) and have captions. Perhaps a table format for the technologies.

Structure of report: Introduction, Presentation of the 10 technologies, evaluation, issues arising:
  • Introduction (2 marks) What is this report about and who is it for (demoncrat or republicans)?
  • Presentation of 10 Technologies (14 marks): For each technology you must give a description/explanation (perhaps with screen dump image), link to example(s), list of advantages/benefits
  • Evaluation/Order of importance (4 marks): A written section evaluation of the importance of the technologies - which are MUST-HAVEs and which are WOULD-BE-NICE
  • Overview of Issues and Concerns (5 marks): Forwarned is forarmed! Overview of Issues and Concerns: Forwarned is forarmed!Forwarned is forarmed! The presential hopeful team must also be made aware of any issues that will arise from using these technologies (it's their decision if they go along with certain technologies).

Research (2 marks): This is important - especially for the Issues and Concerns which should be presented as a result of the research that you have done. Links and references are required.

Activities from Previous Week

Explore the websites for one of more of the current US presential hopefuls: (Hillary Clinton, Barrak Obama, Mit Romney, John McCain).

  • Which technologies seek to give information to the voters/potential voters?
  • Which technologies allow voters/potential voters to interact with the candidate and candidate's representatives?
  • Research the news and other sources to find which technologies would work and why
  • Looking and the anonymous side of the campaign trail – the spoofers: