You can either do this on your own or work in pairs. However you need to read the following and answer the questions. I suggest that you edit this page and add the answers in - however be careful about editing at the same time!!

Task 1: Recycling Computers

Read this article:

1. If you were to donate your computer, why would it be important to wipe the hard drive?
Just formatting the hard drive is not enough as data could be retrieved. What does the article suggest that you do with your hard drive to ensure that your drive is complete data free?

2. Look on the internet and find other ways to completely WIPE your hard drive of data so that it can never be retrieved.

Task 2: Hazards in Computers

Computers have components that are toxic and dangerous.
Click here to find out more. a table (three columns) and add in the hazardous information as follows:

Use in Computer
Monitors (CRT)
kidneys, nervous and reproductive systems, mental development of children/foetuses

Task 3: Donating Computers

There are charities that collect, recycle and donate recycled computer equipment. Imagine that you are an aid worker in Ethiopia and you wanted to apply for some computers to be installed in the local school. Read this link:

If you were to receive the computers, what would the minimum specification of the hardware be (add to the middle column). In the last column, add in the specification of a computer in COM5.

Minimum Specification


1 GB
Hard disk


Network card

What about the software? The computers are not installed with an operating system or application software.
What is an operating system?
What is application software?
The site recommends a number of operating systems. How much does each one cost to purchase? What about to install? Complete the table:

Operating System
Cost to purchase
Cost to install

What if you were to prepare computers for the country - would you install an English language operating system?

Do the children and teachers at your school speak English? What language is the keyboard? Is it English or can you order keyboards with other characters?

What about application software - for example, word processing, spreadsheet, database, image editing, internet browser (could the computer be linked to the internet?). Again, what would you install? What languages are available?

What other modifications should you consider to ensure that the computers can be used by students and teachers who may not work in English?

What other considerations would you need to consider to ensure that the computers were used properly?


Now here is a CAS project and a half! Click here to read about volunteers in Nigeria

Click here to find out more

Here are some extracts:

eCorps is usually a three-week service-learning study abroad program for college students or adults interested in working with World Computer Exchange (WCE) to address global technology, education, environmental and cross-cultural issues in the developing world.

eCorps programs take place in countries where WCE has already shipped computers throughout the developing world ~ offering an unprecedented look at the forces shaping education, the environment and technology in the developing world today.

Students gain relevant field experience and skills. During the twenty-one days, the students will do fifteen days of field work entailing community education about the use of the Internet, assist with developing educational and cultural websites, configuring servers and networks, and training in repair of computers.

Great opportunities and real challenges face the youth in the developing world if they are to be part of the global economy. eCorps offers students a unique opportunity to get an understanding of the complexities related to globalisation, an insight into what it really takes to develop sustainable 21st Century skills strategies -- all the while helping bridge the global digital divide for the youth in developing countries.


What is the digital divide? You need to do a little more research to answer this!
What do the eCorps techs do?
Why do eCorps techs have to be sent with the donated computers?