Getting ready for the extension

The extension to the portfolio consists of an interview undertaken to investigate an issue raised in one of the portfolio pieces. You then produce a 800-1000 word report. There are three main areas that you focus on are:

1. An analysis of the interview(s). Doing more than one makes the analysis easier.
2. A comparision of the findings from the interview with the findings in the original portfolio
3. A projection about the issue for the future (based on the collective findings of the original portfolio and the interviews).

Step 1: Drafting the Questions

Read the following portfolio piece with particular attention to Criterion C and D. You are expected to relate results of the interview to their research in the original portfolio piece. In your group, go to your wikipage and draft 10-15 questions that you would ask.

group A
group B
group C

Step 2: Identifying the interviewees

The person(s) that are to be interviewed must be over 18 years old and must have a good deal of knowledge and/or expertise about the topic.
For this example, suggest two or three types of people that may be suitable to interview.