All students need to have a set of notes for the following technical knowledge. What is the best way to get a good set of notes? One suggestion is that all students write notes and then each student (or pair of students) will then be responsible for collating sections of the notes and finally one person will put together in standard format for the class. What would be the best way to do this? What technologies can we use?

Group A: Sue, Karan, Pratik
Group B: Kinjal, Sneha, Eddie
Group C: Natalie, Nehal, Shuhei

Knowledge of Technology

1. key terms-model, simulation, feedback loop (A)

2. faulty or hidden assumptions (C)
3. extent and effect of the simplification of reality (C)
4. extent to which the phenomenon being modelled is understood (C)

5. processing power needed to create complex models (B)
6. visualization of information (B)
7. correspondence of the model with reality (B).

Social and Ethical Issues

In groups of three, students will select two of the following. You are to research two news items that raise/relate to the issue. You will then create a presentation which will address the issue (describe it in general terms) and use two example from the news. This will be a:

1. reliability of predictions based on computer models, for example, weather, global warming (A)
2. economic effects of the use of models to design and test new products (C)
3. security issues involved in military simulations (B)
4. social impact of reliance on simulations to examine issues of public policy (A)
5. responsibility of the designer for accuracy of assumptions underlying the model (C)
6. ethical considerations involved in deciding when to use models or simulations to ensure human safety (B).

Use this link:

Boys and girls..please follow the instructions or else there will be serious implications...(Who wrote this?!!...;) )
1) Use MS Word
2) Titles should be in a heading 1 format
3) Times New Roman Font 12
4) Place your final documents in the link called Model n Simulations on WIKISPACE before FRIDAY 13:00 (However, If you do this by WEDNESDAY, then we can chill and revise. (Just dropped in and cannot find your work....hope it'll be ready by Friday!! - Mrs Brookes)