This project it for preparation for the HL portfolios. The following are the student pages and the assessment criteria (which are modified from the HL portfolio criteria).

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Assessment Criteria

Locating a suitable news item (1 mark)

This can be in the form of a news item from any credible source: BBC News, Click, Bangkok Post, a podcast….

Present the issue (2 marks)

The news item must raise an issue (social or ethical) that arises from the use of IT.
You must describe the issue as outlined in the news item (1 for identifying, 2 for a description)

IT Background to the issue (4 marks)

1. What are the enabling factors that have allowed this issue to happen? (The developments in IT). (1 marks)
2. Explain the concepts/IT terminology so that we understand how the issue has come about. (2 marks)
3. Statistics/trends (1 mark)

The Impact of the Issue (4 marks)

Who are the stakeholders? Can you find two pieces of evidence to show the impact (effects) of the issue?
2 marks for each impact supported by evidence.

Analysis of Evidence (2 marks)

What is the evidence telling us? For example, what inferences can you make? Can you compare/contrast the impacts/evidence? Have you looked at different stakeholders and are the impact (effects) the same or different? Can you see a link/relationship between the two pieces of evidence you have presented? (2 for a full analysis, 1 for an attempt).
Words/phrases that may be helpful are: this suggests that....conversly....similarly....both....on the other constrast....implies....

Area of Impact? (1 mark)

1 mark for placing in area of impact.

Presentation to Class (2 marks)

1. Organised - materials available to class
2. Prepared and rehearsed