5. Processing power needed to create complex models (B)
Models are simulations which represents what cannot be seen under the naked eye. Some models can be simply made, for example which a paper and pen, however when it comes to complex models – computers are essential. For example, weather processing; the software can be bought and downloaded from the internet and processed without having anyone looking over, later the user can come back to visualization and check for updates. The processing power needed for the weather check is greater than a lot of other complex models because the weather is ever-changing so there would be a lot of information processed, and also the visual effect of it.
Over all, the processing power need for a specific model depends on how much information it is processing, what is being processed.

6. Visualization of information (B)
What is visualization of Information?
Information can be presented in various different ways; it can be written, drawn, heard, or even processed.
INPUT à Processing à OUTPUT
The information going into computers can be presented in many different ways (output). Today; a lot of the information on computers uses a graphical interface. Therefore visualization of the information in today’s world is more common.
Example - The screen dump of a desktop

This information could be presented in MSDOS form, however with a graphical interface it is easier to visualize and easier to use.
Advantages of a graphical user Interface/Visualization of Information
· Makes computer operation more intuitive – easier to see and use
· Visual feedback – means faster and clearer.
· Lets you multitask
· More convenient
· More organized
Disadvantages of graphical user Interface/Visualization of Information
· Not always precise and correct
· More technical problems involved.
· More memory space used up
· Sometimes commands are just quicker and easier to use.
Example of a visualization of information – a building.
7. Correspondence of the model with reality (B)
We need something that gives us a concept and prediction on how the things in the world work. Models therefore are very important to us, initially the provide us and help us with the predictions we want to make. In reality it is very important to everything. This affects many different various areas of life. It has both local and global impacts.

6. Ethical considerations involved in deciding when to use models or simulations to ensure human safety (B).
Models and simulations are used a lot in order to explain complicated things. One of the ethical issues is whether to use computer simulations in case of humans. These simulations are computer controlled for human benefits so that their lives are not at risk. Example; the Duke University uses an adult mannequin is used as a simulation which is then programmed to operate like a normal human being. Another example is using simulations to test for new cars. Consumers then get their car; however everything is dependant on the simulation; if the simulation works then the car is sold. Is that really ethical? - I don’t think this is a right thing to do, just because the vendor wants to make money he will use the simulation to decide weather or not the car should be sold or not. This is not a right thing to do, to give a person’s life into a computer’s hands.

3. Security issues involved in military simulations (B)
Example – terrorist attacks- if a model is used to see how an attack would be defended from to help increase the social security of a country. Terrorism is becoming more and more evident in today world – so a model can help prevent this, and model simulations. The security issues is a good issue as model simulations help prevent situations and tragedies and chaos like this happening.