Fake ID

Area of impact

The government is affected by this because it is causing many crimes and illegal activity in the country.

presenting the issue

Fake ID is “Identity document forgery is the process by which identity document issued by governing bodies are copied and/or modified by persons”
The issue that has risen in this article is the easy upload of information that is posted onto the internet of how to get access to fake id or you can even buy one legally. By the easy access to the information it has encourage more underage drinking.
The internet also has advantages but some people has uploaded information that are not appropriate and it is hard to indentify who are the people that are selling fake id on the internet or uploading the information about how to get access to fake id.

The IT Background

Enabling factors: Internet – information assemble (fake ID)
· Web hosts
· Research-student-business everyone
· Government, ID
· Search engine
· Providers of information/ website
· Internet servers providers


The government is a big impact on this issue because the crime rate is going up due to drinking or driving under the influence. Now that the government are more aware of the situation there are law and regulations and if anyone under the age of 21 with a fraud identity card they will be charge with a class one misdemeanour. They are now introducing an electronic system to verify if the ID is fraud.

The Impact of the Issue:

There is now a huge problem in the UK because the underage drinking has increased and now there has introduce a new electronic system to verify if the ID is fraud has cost the government a lot of there money and the crime rate has due to the accident that has happened because of children drinking
But on the other hand the 85% of the parents knows that their kids are drinking. The question is should the kids be allowed to drink before they are 18 or not because children are brought up differently some children are not allowed to drink at all not even under parents supervision but some children are.