Group 1: Pratik:: Sensitive data and collection/use of personal data
Group 2: Shuhei and Karan: Politics and Government
Group 3: Natalie: Health
Group 4: Sue and Nehal: Business and Employment
Group 5: Eddie: comparing legislation and cultures/privacy
Group 6: Sneha and Kinjal: Arts, Entertainment and Leisure

Except for Group 1 and, for this process, you firstly have to read all the evidence and learn about each of the issues presented (knowlegde and understanding) in the area of impact. Then you have to group ideas together perhaps classify in another way such as: global and local, or similarity of issues or most recent data to least. (this is the analysis part - trying to make sense of what you have read!). This is a type of discussion!

Finally, once you have analysed the evidence presented, then you need to make an overall evaluation (evaluation and synthesis) and possibly give some projection for the future (synthesis)