Cyber Stalking
Cyberstalking, which is simply an extension of the physical form of stalking, is where the electronic mediums such as the Internet are used to pursue, harass or contact another in an unsolicited fashion. Most often, given the vast distances that the Internet spans, this behaviour will never manifest itself in the physical sense but this does not mean that the pursuit is any less distressing. There are a wide variety of means by which individuals may seek out and harass individuals even though they may not share the same geographic borders, and this may present a range of physical, emotional, and psychological consequences to the victim.
As internet are getting faster and faster everyday and more and more people are addicted to the chat rooms ,the problem of cyber stalking arises it all started with minor stalking problem which includes insulting in foul language through words but technology has improve now cyber stalking has gone to a whole new level with the help of modern technology now perverted old men can stalks young girls by making a video of himself naked and send it to the young girl through email and of cause its made much easier then before with the new invention of file conversion programme that allow users to convert and compress files really swiftly before uploading it to the net. On top of this more programmes and fancy chat room emerges everyday famously CAMFROG where you can talk to a person while seeing them live on web cam which of cause will create another opportunity for cyber stalkers to strike. So what kind of technology has enabled those cyber stalkers to perform their crime? To begin with internet are getting very fast by this I mean with the emerging broadband technology and ADSL now you have more bandwidth in contrasts to before where we used to take ages to go in a chat room now people can go in it after a blink of eye with 100Mega byte per second of speed which is 1 million time faster then the old 56K connection. What’s more? Now we can upload video with ease by this I mean with the new connection method avaliable like BLUTOOTH, USB and of cause PS/2 file and also conversion programme which can convert and compress all kind of file ranging from MPEG4 to JPEG to any format you like such as bitmap with the help of those technology


One example of evedence is the chat room where people from hundreds of countries may gather and meet, trade information and files, and chat about a range of topics from music to sex. Though this has bred a large number of international relationships, most of which prove harmless, it does present the possibility that ones on-line personality may become the target of unwanted attention.