Today your focus is on IT in EDUCATION and the issues surrounding this area.

Here are the topics that we need to be more familiar with:

1. Telelearning: isolated and remote areas; use in hospitals, prisons, retirement homes (LINDA and POOM)

2. Modification of hardware and software for special needs: voice recognition software, text-to-speech, special input and output devices, Internet resources (JIM and DOLYANA)

3. Software in the classroom: science experiments, social studies modelling and simulation, instructional tools and media, computer-aided instruction, computer-aided learning (KAMOL and GARETH)

4. School library systems: catalogues, security systems, online research (JAMES)

5. Hardware in the classroom: laptops, notebooks, teleconferencing (ROZANNA)

6. Software in school administration: record keeping, scheduling, Intranets, public information (TOM)

Each of you will work on the topic as indicated. For each topic you need to put together an information pack which we will eventually upload to our wikispace and use as a valued resource. You can include a range of media (such as to youTube clips, images, sound, links to examples) – check out this link for ideas about the use of media:

For the duration of the course, we will add to each of these topics when we find more information such as news items and examples that we come across. However we need to have the basics to get started.

For this lesson you need to find out about your topic and type up your findings. Create a wikipage in the wikispace and make the link to it from this list and enter your findings in this page (see the link that I have made for ROZANNA already to demonstrate this).

You will note that you have a number of items in each of your topic. You need to select ONE at least (although you may combine the others if similar) because you will eventually cover all of them!

For each item I suggest that you use the headings as follows:

1. General findings (tell us about the items on your list – what is it, how does it work (technically), examples are good and other relevant information)
2. At Patana (we have very good IT systems here and you will find examples of most of the above here. Please find out about your item and present it).
3. In the News - please locate some news items relating to this topic – especially those that raise ISSUES! Give brief summaries of any relevant news items (and links) that relate to the topic.

Click here for an example to ROZANNA

Remember that all resources need to be referenced – so please make sure that you do this. Look at examples of referencing from the case study 2008 for good practice.

For some ideas to get you started in terms of what I am looking for, please look at these links the wikispace: